Glowing Neon Hums: Sound Perspectives on Flickering Light with James Wilkie and Aram Zarikian

31 October 2021 12:00 - 31 October 2021 15:00

Visitors to our major new exhibition FRED TSCHIDA: CIRCLESPHERE are in for a truly one of a kind auditory experience on Sunday 17 and Sunday 31 October. Sonic Artist James Wilkie will be performing in collaboration with musicians Supriya Nagarajan, (Sunday 17 October) Bill Moulton and Ollie Green (Sunday 24 October) and Aram Zarikian (Sunday 31 October).

Unlike a typical musical performance, the collaborators will come together only briefly to explore CIRCLESPHERE in private before mounting a two-hour long, evolving and frequently improvised auditory experience in the gallery environment – each performer inspired both the other’s playing and by the rotating neon sculptures before them.

Visitors are invited to bear witness to this truly unique performance, whether just passing through, dropping in for a while, or staying for the duration of the performance.

At the end of each performance, Wilkie will be in conversation with his collaborator for the day, discussing the experience of preparing for and undertaking the performance. Visitors are invited to return for the talk (if you didn’t stay for the duration) and the concluding Q&A session.

Chairs and cushions will be made available for visitors to get comfortable and enjoy the performance.


12:00 – 14:00 (Performance)

14:15 – 15:00 (Talk / Q&A)

This is a free drop-in session but we are offering a small number of reserved seats.


Reserve your seat

About the Artist

James Wilkie uses the openness of sound making and listening to connect stories, places, and people.

James has created ambient music design for film composers Hans Zimmer and Geoff Zanelli at Remote Control Productions to designing immersive sound installations for OPPO Phones and media artist, Jiayu Liu’s Future Everything work. James has produced Soundwalk apps for Lewisham Council and Beckenham Place Park, and collaborated as a sound artist on many installations including Lisa Lee’s Serenade of the Woods, an installation which uses computer vision to compose music from the movement of plants and trees, and has been shown internationally.

Connecting stories is at the heart of James’ work using the openness of sound making and listening to map new perspectives on narratives, places, and people, for the imagination to mediate and explore through sound.

Collaborative Musician

Aram Zarikian will be joining James for our 31 sessions. Aram has worked throughout Europe and the United States as a live and studio musician and has being
part of various bands, orchestras and musical / theatre productions appearing on stages as well as on radio and television.

From an early age Aram took an interest in drums and started taking additional classes in music harmony and theory, rhythm and reading, ear training and piano as well
as music history, classical ensembles, sound engineering etc. Aram furthered his studies study in drums and song writing, arrangement, music business as well as studio recording and production at the Los Angeles Music Academy.  Aram moved to London where he did a Masters degree at the University of the Arts which lead him to me working in sound art as well as sound design field.



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