Graduate Residency Showcase: January 2019

30 January 2019 17:00 - 30 January 2019 21:00

As part of January’s Artwalk, graduate artists in residence Linda Pieters, Sunny Vowles and Lucy Jane Smith will be sharing work they have developed during their time at The Art House.

About the Graduate Residency programme

Our graduate residencies offer an opportunity for recent graduates to spend four weeks at The Art House developing their practice outside of the university setting. As well as having studio, workshop and accommodation space, the participants receive a bursary towards materials and living costs while on the residency. We provide a responsive workshop programme and tutorial sessions around topics such as applying for funding, project management and budgeting and how these can be integrated into continued professional practice.

The Art House works with graduates from a small selection of Fine Art Ba and Ma courses at universities across the North. We are privileged to work with The University of Leeds, Leeds Arts University, Liverpool John Moores University, The University of Lincoln and The University of Huddersfield.

Artist bios

Linda Pieters

Predominantly an abstract figurative painter, Linda Pieters utilises chance and abstraction to create new layers in her works. She plans to use her residency time at The Art House to explore new avenues in her practice and find more sustainable ways of working.

Find out more at:

Linda Pieters, 1930 Puppets

Sunny Vowles

Sunny Vowles is a sculptor working with found objects and exploring the manipulation of scale in multi-media installations. Vowles embraces a physical, open-minded and multi-faceted approach to making, whereby one piece may inform the next through a different creative lens. While expanding her practice, Vowles is using this residency as an opportunity to make new networks in a new setting.

Find out more at:

Sunny Vowles, Crumpled+Limbs,+Pin+Wind

Lucy Jane Smith

Lucy Jane Smith fully integrates process and product in her work, occupying spaces and creating ‘works in motion’ that respond to what surrounds the artist, physically and politically. These works operate from an understanding of the political within societal structure. Smith intends to use this residency to better understand her rhythms of working and explore making wearable works.

Lucy Jane Smith, FUK

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