30 for 30 by 30

28 June 2024 - 30 July 2024

Can you join our Triple 30 Challenge?

Taking inspiration from our 30th birthday this year, and three decades of breaking barriers for people of all ages and backgrounds, we are looking for incredible individuals to help us.

We’re looking for 30 incredible people to donate £30, before 30 July

This will help fund free places for children facing disadvantages and barriers to creative participation.

With your £30, you’ll support two children’s attendance at our Summer Art School this August, giving them the tools and guidance to explore their artistic potential.

Collectively your donations will provide opportunities for 60 young people to work in our Maker Spaces, working alongside professional teaching artists, in a supportive environment where they can share their ideas, make friends, and feel a sense of belonging.

Art is not just about creating beautiful pictures; it’s about building confidence, enhancing problem-solving skills, and providing a therapeutic outlet for emotions.

By donating £30, you’re giving a child the gift of self-expression, a chance to discover their talents, and the joy of creating something uniquely their own.

Join us in making a difference. Your contribution will light up a child’s life with the colours of creativity.

Click the link below to donate now and be a part of this transformative experience.
Donate £30 to Inspire Young Artists and Give the Gift of Art

As a thank you, you’ll get an update about the Summer Art School and a video message  (with a parent’s permission)  from some of the children you supported through the workshops!