May–August 2022

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Sam Metz: Making Solid – Unpredictable Bodies

18 June–14 August 2022

Metz uses sculpture, drawing, animation and film to explore the concepts of ‘choreographic objects’ to investigate the relationship to disability, the body, and neurodivergence. Created through movement and rhythm, the artist’s work attempts to capture a range of ‘interruptions’, ‘aberrations’, and uncontrolled actions of disabled bodies and investigates how to make movement solid.


alabamathirteen: [on becoming a ghost…]

25 May–17 July 2022

2021 visiting resident artist alabamathirteen returned to The Art House to showcase work in progress, developed during her stay here. Through sculpture, sound installation, photography and film, her work explores the impact of isolation and exclusion from society that disabled people often face.

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