Ceramics Studio

The ceramic studio is perfect for complete beginners, ceramists or those just wanting to learn more. A technician is regularly on-hand to provide support and to help you develop your artistic skills and practice; whether that be learning new skills or experimenting with alternative techniques and materials. The studio is fully accessible and provides the perfect space to explore your inner ceramist!

Annual MembershipTicket Price
Free ceramic studio induction£60 monthly membership
Regular technician support £45 monthly membership (student/grad)
Weekly bisque firingsAccess to ceramic studio facilities with no limit on hourly usage (that works out at just over £2.00 a day)
Discount in our Coffee House and shop

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Kiln Share

We are delighted to share that we are part of Kiln Share. If you’re in need of kiln firing but don’t have access to one, you can now come and use ours!

Find out more about how it works here or contact us directly (using the button below) to find out more about our prices and how to book.


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The Art House Benefits

As a registered charity, we strive to make our membership fees as affordable as possible whilst ensuring we are able to invest in maintaining industry-leading facilities.

By becoming a member at The Art House, you’re joining a community of makers who share your love of creative practices. Our female lead maker spaces are there to provide a calm environment to help develop and nurture your practice. Our members benefit from discounted 1-2-1 technician support, as well as discount in our coffee house and shop and our meeting rooms. Our monthly maker space newsletter lets us shout about your work and keep you up to date with what’s happening in the maker’s community.

Let your art be about the art. We’re here to provide affordable, accessible facilities, so that you can unlock your skills and further your creative journey.


  • 1x Potclays front loader kiln
  • 1x Brent accessible potter’s wheel
  • 1x Kick Wheels
  • 2x Shimpo Whisper Wheels
  • 1x Extruder with a set of dies
  • 1x Glazing station
  • Access to our clay store
  • Access to a wide range of tools and storage
  • Access to a range of specialist materials at affordable prices.

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