Find out more about our building's accessibility features, as well as the work we're doing to increase all types of access to the arts

At The Art House we go beyond ramps and lifts – our building and the people in it are here to provide time, space and support for artists to develop their practice, catered to their individual needs. Accessibility is at the heart of everything we do, with particular focus on removing barriers to creative development and working towards providing a level playing field for everyone we engage with.

We have a legacy of working with – and providing support for – disabled artists: it’s where we started and equality is something we are passionate about. We believe in providing services to all artists and we work hard to make sure that all artists have access to our services, including (but not limited to) those who self-define as disabled. The Art House aims to be a place where disabled and non-disabled artists and audiences can work alongside and with one another – not just because we believe in equality but because we believe that’s where really interesting things can happen.

An Accessible Building

In consultation with our disabled artist members, The Art House building was designed to be exemplary in its accessibility for disabled users.

Some of the features our building provides are:

  • Level access on all levels of the building.
  • Emergency call points throughout the building.
  • Two-metre wide corridors, allowing two wheelchair/mobility aid users or people with guide dogs to pass comfortably in the corridor.
  • Lavatories of varying sizes to incorporate different access needs, including one with a shower.
  • Paired communal sinks for studio holders with one at sitting and one at standing height.
  • Induction loops on the reception desk and in the large meeting room. A portable loop is also available.
  • Flashing beacon fire alarms for hearing-impaired users.
  • Sympathetic light levels for visually-impaired visitors.
  • Spacious self-catering flat with mobility aid-friendly en-suite bathrooms.

All our publications are available in large print format. If you require information in another language or have other access requirements you would like to discuss with a member of the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.