A Big Give Thank You

This year The Art House took part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, raising funds for Artwalk, Wakefield’s iconic bi-monthly evening of culture.

We had just one week, from Tuesday 29 November – Tuesday 6 December, to raise £12,000 through match funding. The response to our campaign from friends, family, those we work with, and our supporters, was incredible. We raised a total of £12,561. At The Art House we were truly overwhelmed with the support we received, not just in donations but in spreading the word, holding events and auctions to raise funds, sharing thoughts about and experiences of Artwalk and what the mini festival means to you, and more.

Below is a document of all those that generously made a donation to The Art House in this campaign. We want to take this moment to thank each and every person for your contribution, no matter the amount, because every penny that we’ve received will, together, enable us to continue running Artwalk and delivering creativity to Wakefield.

While our Big Give Christmas Challenge is over, you can still make a donation to The Art House and support the work that we do. Simply click the button below to get started.


Make a donation today
Sydney Thornbury Keith Evans Roz Doherty
Helen Thomas Caroline Russell Amelia Baron
Diane Saxon Sam Metz Emily Ingham
Deborah Larwood Clare Bridge Caroline Cox
Joanne Wheeler Vik Kastenbauer stronge Gavin Jackson- Waldock
Amy Lilley Karen Chambers Jon Riddle
Lizzy James Seiko Kinoshita Freya Stockford
Lucy Norton Christopher Ehrenzeller Anthony Baker
Sara Shand Paul Redgate Chris Baker
Olivia Savage Martin Grocock Justine Barnecott
Jessica Kendall Nikta Mohammadi David Collins
Gemma Adams Emma Lowe Susan Morgan
Hollie Stone Krystle Patel Susan Robinson
Ranya Abdulateef Lydia Hyett Christopher Donnelly
Frances Smith Francesca Westhead Louise Lohr
Kirstie Williams J Davies David Pym
Rose Levon Melissa Murray Libby Goodacre
Rebecca Thomas Laura Claveria Kath Stringer
Hannah Way Neil Johns Peter Phillips
Chris Collier David Wheeler Shirley Jones
Kirsty Fountain Joanne Coates Jason Wilsher-Mills
Tony Wade Anita Whitfield Aimee Whalley
Aidan Liggins Alex McIntosh Scott J Barton
Michael Ainsley Jill McKnight Robert Taylor
Bethany Morgan Harriet Cooper Mary Roche
Marieke Navin Kate McDonnell Louise Allen
Ellie Way Ann Carstairs Brooklyn Wendel-English
Vici Blackburn Mary de Vere Nik Patel
Damon Jackson-Waldock Tony Fisher Angela de Courcy Bower
Terri Haslam Michaela Lesayova Gemma Jones
James Deeming Peter Robinson Elizabeth Peddie
Lotti Johnson Emma Adair Leslie Haskayne
Shelley Ducker Ifa Abebe Ruth Fones
Hang Zhang Asamnew Asres Ross Dickinson
Paula Hunter Lauren Juniper Sophie Gratton
Hannah Whitfield Paul Wright Adele Sweeney
Emily Ryalls Gavin Cawthra Emma Spencer
Samuel Juniper Rachael Dodd Joanne McHugh
Susan Daubney Steven Busfield Kerry Chase
Irene Purcell Barbara Cawthra Michael Yates
Hannah Juniper Robert Broad Helen Chapman
France-Leigh Hadrysiak Tom Towne Robert Gosling
Sally Barton Beverley Juniper Julie Russell
Charlotte Morgan The Merrie Collective Wakefield Alice Washbourne
Rosie Ripley Rachel Richardson Paul Smith
Ella Cronk Eleanor Cawthra Ysanne Baron
Summer Haslam-Grant Deborah Rae Smith Joanna Peddie
Jim Souper Christine O’Leary Peter Harvey
Jennifer East Mark Ryalls Mohamad Hafeda
James Thompson Jenny Layfield Jenna Coulthard
Diana Bracher Becky Gee Richard Davies
Julia Brown Caroline McCormick Kerry Harker
Alison Robinson-Rowe Joanna Renshaw Emily Purser
Carole Stone Moore Lanson John Mayson
Adam Kelly Rebecca Mason-Harding Jeremy Cook
Judi Alston Bridget Gill Helen Shaw
Mary Duggan Sarah Coulson Helen Hinchliffe
Janet Williams Martin Dennison Victor Cooper
Michelle Duxbury Issey Cook Bijan Amini-Alavijeh
Niamh Donnelly Helen Field Kate Scarpa
Zoe Carlon Emma Woodward Chris Blackburn
David Brownlee Amy Cooper Lloyd Garnett
Georgina Kettlewell Mark Buckle Cynthia Dickinson
Ti. Jones Lauren Douglas Joshua Whelan
Jose Candelas Suzie Cross Lucy Kent
Lucy Norton