in.visible Photographic Storytelling Workshop

13 January 2024 10:30 - 13 January 2024 12:30

Join artists Ryoko Akama and Emily Ryalls as they explore alternative photography processes in response to Ryoko Akama’s exhibition, in.visible. The workshop focuses on themes of identity and home – this marks the close of Akama’s exhibition at The Art House by sharing the artist’s photographic discoveries with Wakefield communities and inviting the public to collaborate.

During the drop-in workshop, participants will be creating cyanotype and lumen print experiments to produce their own creations to take home, as well as contributing to a new large scale cyanotype with both artists. Both processes require the use of an object which will leave a sillouette imprint onto the surface of paper/fabric that we are working on. You will be invited to use personal objects for printmaking, these could be keys, jewellery, a cardigan – anything that acts as a piece of you and your story.

The artists will work with you to integrate your object imprints alongside photographs of their own.

This is a great opportunity to discover new photographic processes with friends and family alongside Ryalls and Akama, as they co-create with you, sharing their experiences of printmaking.

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