An update on Artwalk’s exciting new phase

An update from The Art House Team about the Artwalk

An update on Artwalk’s next phase

It has been a great privilege for The Art House (TAH) to produce Artwalk for the last five years. From 2018 when we brought two then-volunteer producers onto our staff, until its hiatus in summer 2023, we have loved every minute. We are so proud of what was accomplished and the significant growth in audiences, artists, organisations, venues and profile.

For years, The Art House managed to fund Artwalk out of our core funds.  However, over the last two years, this was becoming increasingly difficult.

When we went out to the public in our successful Big Give fundraising challenge to continue Artwalk for the remainder of the 2023 financial year (it’s 15th birthday!) we saw first-hand the overwhelming public support for this much-loved local gem of a festival.  We had hoped this would bolster our ability to raise funds through other grants and sponsorship opportunities.  Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our attempts.

Like much of the arts sector, The Art House has faced huge economic struggles over the last year and a half. We have had to make difficult choices in order to keep the doors open and to protect the jobs of staff – the majority of whom are local creatives themselves.

One of the hardest facts we faced last summer was that we could no longer afford to produce Artwalk. This has been deeply disappointing for us, our partners and participants. Like for many, the road ahead for The Art House is still challenging, but we are forging ahead in a positive direction, and we are grateful for the continued support from our core funders, Arts Council England (ACE) and Wakefield Council, as well as our individual donors and funders.

And we are happy to say that Artwalk is also forging ahead. Over the past 15 years Artwalk has taken many forms, and we must give thanks to everyone who has kept it running, past and present. This new phase of Artwalk sees the coordination organised by a community-led forum, a wonderful gathering of artist, volunteering their time to see great things happen in our city

Although we won’t be running it, and there is a new website and new branding, we know that the Artwalk ethos will be the same: passionate people in the region who want to see arts and creativity in Wakefield thrive!

We are excited to see where this new era of Artwalk goes.  The Art House will be a committed participating venue. We encourage other venues to continue to participate, and for the community as a whole to support this new phase of Artwalk.

You can find out more here:
Facebook page at the Artwalk Wakefield Community or follow Artwalk on Instagram.

See you all at the next Artwalk!