Lawefield Lane Primary Partnership

Using art and the creative process to help children confidently express their creativity

We adopted Lawefield Lane Primary School to support their progressive arts curriculum where children develop the skills and knowledge needed to become artists.

Our special relationship with Lawefield Lane Primary means that pupils have the opportunity to work in the professional environment of The Art House’s maker spaces and meet and work with a range of artists.

A note from our CEO, Sydney Thornbury on the partnership:

“Children have a wonderful way of reminding you of the right way to do things.

Watching the kids from Lawefield Lane immerse themselves (sometimes literally!) in their pottery making has been a wonderful lesson in how to give yourself over to your creativity. When you give children the opportunity to come and work in a professional arts environment with practising artists, you’re completely validating what, of course, they already know – that they are innately creative. This is important, because we need to keep that fire of creative thinking alive in them.

We know that creative thinking is not only necessary for being an artist, but for problem solving, innovation and even enhanced employment prospects in the future.  And let’s not forget, it also happens to be a lot of fun. Another thing that the Lawefield Lane kids reminded us of.

Thank you Lawefield Lane, for all your inspiration!”

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