Salford Loading…

A partnership between The Art House and Quayside MediaCity. Working to reinvigorate empty units in the heart of the city.

What is it?

The Art House is partnering with Quayside MediaCity to launch a new creative project in the centre. Salford Loading… is an interim-use space scheme; we take on units which are currently under-used and, together with community partners, give them a new lease of life.

This exciting new project will help facilitate the amazing creativity in Salford and provide the space and support for that to grow. We want to create a new kind of ecosystem within the shopping centre environment that sees spaces used in a cycle of both community and commercial use, benefiting everyone who takes part.

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Where has it come from?

Salford Loading… has been inspired by and follows the success of Makey Wakey, an ongoing partnership with The Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield. Makey Wakey launched in 2019 with a vision to access spaces in the shopping centre that had been left vacant after retailers moved on. These spaces were reimagined and the project changed perspectives on how they can be used to serve our community. Throughout the 3 years that followed, Makey Wakey has grown to now house over 50 creatives each year, with 11 artists and charities.

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Who's involved?

As a visual arts charity in Wakefield, Yorkshire, The Art House is dedicated to creating attainable opportunities for creatives and supporting communities.

After proving the model of Makey Wakey, it is time to grow the scheme and make connections across the country, collaborating with more artists, organisations, charities and property owners than we ever have before.

We need you!

We’re looking for artists, collectives, social enterprises and charities who need space. We’re here to support and facilitate people who are doing great things in Salford.

You might be an artist looking for space to exhibit your work, a social enterprise setting up a new arts and crafts materials exchange shop, or a foodbank looking for space to support your community.

If you’d like to get involved, learn about our available spaces, or to chat to member of our team, get in touch today.

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