Studio of Sanctuary

Our Studio of Sanctuary programme aims to use arts, culture and the creative process to bring people together and contribute to the building of a cohesive community that values diversity.

Our Studio of Sanctuary Programme brings together asylum seekers and refugees with the wider Wakefield population to work together creatively and learn about each other.

Stamp Print Press

Season One: Just PISIN Print

The Art House is excited to be working with collaborative painting group PISIN on the first season of our Stamp Print Press project, entitled ‘Just PISIN Print’. Stamp Print Press has been developed to further support The Art House’s role as a Studio of Sanctuary and to provide opportunities for collaboration between the communities we serve. 

In each season of the project we will be working with new artists or groups to introduce ideas, skills and creative ways of working to our growing community of artists and art enthusiasts. 

The project is designed to create meaningful connections and provide high-quality opportunities to engage with others creatively, especially when participating remotely.

More about Just PISIN Print

Join The Art House for season one of Stamp Print Press, as artist collective PISIN guides us through different experimental printmaking techniques at home from March – May 2021. Just PISIN Print is an opportunity to meet and collaborate with people living and creating in Wakefield who have different approaches to art and varied experiences of migration. Together we will learn four printing techniques that will result in a digital and printed booklet and exhibition to be shown as part of Refugee Week 2021. 

How does it work?

  • Sign up for a materials pack with everything you need for the four printmaking techniques
  • Join the Facebook group to connect with other participants and stay up to date with the project (optional)
  • In the materials box, you will receive instructions for the first technique. You will use these to create a print to send to The Art House using the stamped and addressed envelope provided.
  • As soon as we have your print, we will forward it to another participant. We will also send you the next set of instructions and a print that someone else has created.
  • Create a new print using the instructions you have received. Plus, you will add another layer to the print we sent you, using the materials you have to hand.
  • Send us both of the prints back in the stamped and addressed envelope provided.
  • As soon as we receive the prints the cycle starts again, we send your print out to another participant and send you the next set of instructions.
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Still not sure how it works? Take a look at this simple flow chart.

Recent Projects: Our Street

Our Street is a collaborative project between The Art House’s Creative Ageing and Studio of Sanctuary projects.

Although we can’t all be together at the moment, we wanted to create some arts activities that participants could do at home. The project, inspired by participant’s streets took place remotely over four weeks of video tutorials about oil pastels.

The artwork produced by those who participated in the project will displayed in the future so keep an eye out for further information.

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