In Residence: alabamathirteen

17 May 2021 - 29 May 2021

About the residency

alabamathirteen will be undertaking a solo residency in two parts, two weeks in May and a further two weeks in November 2021. The residency is hosted in partnership with Outside In, a national charity that aims to provide a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.


Residency announcement

About the artist

alabamathirteen is a largely self-taught, working-class, disabled artist from Leeds. Increasingly her work is focused on her own personal limitations navigating and negotiating the spaces and places she occupies as a disabled woman. alabamathirteen’s work has always focused around bodies, spaces and places and how we experience and occupy them both as individuals and as a society.

As the artist’s work has developed over the last few years her life has become increasingly impacted by the realities of being disabled, and so has her practice, both creatively and practically. False narratives and distorted memories are particularly strong themes that have emerged in recent work.

alabamathirteen uses a lot of photography in her work and she is particularly interested in how photography in itself can be considered a distorted representation of a moment in time. In addition to photographic processes, traditional forms of embroidery feature regularly in the artist’s work, predominantly cross stitch and blackwork embroidery,

“As well as allowing me to add additional layers of distortion and narrative on top of the photographic images, I really love that embroidery brings with it its very own layer of rich and subversive history as ‘women’s work’.”   – alabamathirteen

Recent exhibitions

  • The Pall I featured in The House of Smalls online exhibition Facing It
  • The Climb featured in an online exhibition showcasing the work of thirteen disabled artists in Leeds, Possible All Along. Find out more >
  • Leeds Summer Group Show 2020
  • All Shall Pass at the Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield
  • Arts & Minds Annual Exhibition

Further reading

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Image: The Condor, 2020, Embroidered Photograph, alabamathirteen

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