Hannah Way – Ceramic Studio Coordinator and Technician

About me

I’m a ceramicist with a love for all things clay. I started making in 2015 when I was first introduced to clay at college and I’ve never looked back. I’ve since graduated and gone on to have my own studio and start to sell my wares. I feel most at home when I’m sitting at the wheel covered in clay from head to toe, if you’re not covered you’re not doing it right. There’s no better feeling than using something that’s been made by your own hands.

Why TAH?

I moved from South Wales in early 2021 for this amazing opportunity to develop a ceramics studio at The Art House. With the arrival of the Great Pottery Throw Down there’s been a massive revival of ceramics across the country. Up until recently it was considered a dying craft and I’m chuffed to be able to share my passion for pottery with the community here in Wakefield. The Art House has been amazing supporting the development of the studio, it has given people the chance to try ceramics who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity.