Hang Zhang: Through the Party Ring

30 November 2022 - 04 February 2023

Artist Hang Zhang invites us to be transported to her posthuman world of immersive installation, which celebrates her first-ever solo exhibition, on display at The Art House.

Through the Party Ring is a new immersive installation that explores timely issues around class, identity, patriarchy and the female body. Leeds-based emerging artist Hang Zhang challenges the boundaries of art to address these topics through humour and fiction in the form of neon lights, fictional creatures, wordless language, interactive games and more.

Hang Zhang’s projects usually arrive from a personal place but explore wider issues surrounding identity and equality. This space shares recent and new projects that blur politics, fiction and engaging storytelling. The artist draws upon much of her personal life and upbringing in her work – including her time living in Tianjin; a concession territory in China associated with colonialism and imperialism.

Each artwork in the show tells its own story – whether that be inspired by the artists’ lived experiences or stories that have been devised for the purpose of the artwork and its audience. Through her artistic practice, Zhang is keen to share her passion for social responsibility, and invites us to consider timely issues in today’s society. Her works attempt to speak for all those who are the most underprivileged, and who do not yet have enough of a voice in society.

Join The Art House and Zhang in exploring a world that attempts to free itself from the boundaries of class systems and politics, while still addressing a plethora of topics which shape today’s society in the UK.

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Image: Hang Zhang, No Artificial Colours, 2021. Image: Emily Ryalls

Inspired by the exhibition

To celebrate the launch of this incredibly thought-provoking and exciting exhibition, The Art House has worked with artist Hang Zhang on producing a number of limited edition products available from our shop, both online and in-store.

Through the Party Ring Limited Edition Box Set by Hang Zhang, aka ‘exhibition in a box’ is a deluxe limited edition item that represents the diverse work on display in this show. Included in the box is a booklet, temporary tattoo, sticker set, and a limited edition postcard of ‘Cat Tattooing Cat’, as can be seen in the exhibition. This exclusive numbered debossed box set is an edition of 100.

‘Cat Tattooing Cat’ Limited Edition Print by Hang Zhang is an exclusive numbered digital print that is an edition of 90 on quality stock with raw edges.

Through the Party Ring Exhibition Postcard by Hang Zhang is a square postcard on quality stock.


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Family resources

With Zhang’s playful approach to art making, Through the Party Ring can be enjoyed by all the family. Our family resources are sitting in our foyer just to the right of the gallery entrance. They are free to use, simply help yourself to what excites your little artist (or you!). We only ask that you please return any resources that you’ve borrowed back to the resource kit at the end.

Create your own neon art – Inspired by Hangover Square, the striking installation of neon works upon entering the gallery, you can use the wooden sticks to scratch away at the top layer of the black card provided and reveal the vibrant colours underneath. Use the prompts available for inspiration or use your imagination.

Dress your own alpacas – Inspired by the interactive work, Undress to Decolonise, you can use the neon wool and coloured paper to dress and decorate your own alpaca. Once you’ve finished dressing your new friend, ask one of our friendly visitor services team to shine your art under our special UV light to see them glow!

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