Hassun El-Zafar: HEAR – Hearing Extinction and Audiological Relapse

26 January 2022 - 03 March 2022

HEAR: Hearing Extinction & Audiological Relapse is a new exhibition from award-winning creative director and producer, Hassun El-Zafar. The exhibition will highlight the importance of the auditory sense in our ability to form strong connections with the planet and each other, and the impact of losing such a significant aspect of ourselves.

According to research there are five pathways for humans to connect with nature – contact, emotion, beauty, meaning and compassion. Engaging with our senses is a key way in which we can feel more connected to the natural world. Listening to nature, such as tuning into the sounds of birds, trees, oceans, and woodlands, is known to strengthen our bond with nature. However, this is difficult for a large proportion of people who suffer hearing loss.

The project aims to raise awareness of hearing health and open up vital conversations about hearing loss. HEAR will present three stories from fascinating ecosystems on our planet; the mangroves of The United Arab Emirates, the tropical rainforests of Borneo and woodlands in Yorkshire.

El-Zafar creates innovative and empowering projects for audiences to engage and access stories, knowledge and research on key global challenges. He is currently exploring the field of live theatre installations and co-created community engagement, which will inform his immersive audio visual installation in The Art House’s main gallery.

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