Mitra Saboury: Growth Spurt

25 July 2018 - 14 September 2018

Artist in Residence between 28 June – 27 July 2018

Mitra Saboury has been artist in residence at The Art House throughout July 2018. Living on site and working closely with members of The Art House staff, she has used the intensity of this experience to explore working relationships, how they develop, and how they are performed in the office environment.

A curiosity towards the habits and unspoken rules and tensions of The Art House office has contributed to a number of performative video pieces relating to her own emotional understandings of work, transposed into a bodily experience.

Mitra invited staff to participate in the production of her videos, through mulling things over in conversations on the studio floor, interrogating us on our working relationships (performing as a pseudo-therapist), and ultimately persuading each member of the team to individually participate in a fruit-based exchange. Through this she humorously tests the boundary of what a working relationship could be, and what can be suggested by pushing the limits of comfort.

Different stages of an individual’s life are represented, from adolescence through to perceived maturity. Obsolete and demoded technology illustrates the nature of progression and growth, and in turn incorporate aspects of memory, nostalgia and dissonance.

 – Laurie Cummins, Assistant Programme Producer, and Simon Boase, Programme Producer at The Art House.

About the Artist

Mitra Saboury is an artist based in Los Angeles who uses her body as a sensual and sentient tool to navigate the built environment. Working across video and performance, she often explores aspects of place, particularly those that are neglected or overlooked.

Saboury graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, then went on to study Fine Art with an MFA from Goldsmiths University in 2013. She has presented recent solo exhibitions at Out_Sight, Seoul (2018), Grand Union Gallery, Birmingham (2016), and Chin’s Push, Los Angeles (2016). She’s also featured in group exhibitions The Fondle Tour (2018), An Eyeful of Wry, Hull (2017), FRESH_MEET, East Bristol Contemporary (2017), and Left Hand to Back of Head, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool (2016). She is one half of the photographic collaborative Meatwreck with Derek Paul Jack Boyle (@meatwreck).

This Residency was kindly supported by Arts Council England.