Sam Metz: Making Solid – Unpredictable Bodies

18 June 2022 - 14 August 2022

Known for their highly engaging and profound projects that raise awareness of important issues surrounding disabled bodies and societal restrictions, Sam Metz will share their recent project which translates and shares the experiences of being a disabled neurodivergent performer.

Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies features sculpture, drawing, animation and film that explores the concepts of ‘choreographic objects’ to investigate the relationship to disability, the body, and neurodivergence. Created through movement and rhythm, the artist’s work attempts to capture a range of ‘interruptions’, ‘aberrations’, and uncontrolled actions of disabled bodies and investigates how to make movement solid.

Image: Sam Metz, Stone and Radial, installation view, 2021. Photo Andrew Quinn, courtesy of the artist.

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