Tony Heaton: Altered

28 March 2019 - 18 May 2019

The Art House is pleased to present Altered, a new exhibition by UK-based artist Tony Heaton. He is a prolific disability rights activist working in sculpture, performance and film. As artist-in-residence throughout March 2019 Heaton used his time in Wakefield to continue his practice in stone carving, as well as experiment with printing techniques in our studio.

Using the direct carving technique, Heaton has created a selection of pieces in Carrara marble, where he completed a residency in Italy in 2018. His works often involve colliding different materials and references or representing familiar motifs or objects in a new context. Through the use of dry humour or playful materials, Heaton is able to provoke and address more serious conversations.

Tony Heaton was in residence between 04 – 29 March 2019 and the exhibition continues until 18 May 2019.

About the artist:

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Gold Lamé, Tony Heaton, 2018

Monument to the Unintended Performer, Tony Heaton, 2012

Raspberry Ripple. Light Projection, Tony Heaton. Image credit, Astrid Eckstein

LOOP, Tony Heaton, 2018. Image credit, Brendan Buesnel