Accessible darkroom facilities equipped for a range of contemporary, alternative and traditional analogue processes.


We are almost ready to welcome you in to our darkroom. Our darkroom is equipped for a range of contemporary, alternative and traditional analogue processes, meaning we’re set up to facilitate whichever direction your photography may take. Processes include traditional black and white printing and processing, photograms, wet-plate collodion, dry plate and we’re open to whatever else you might have in mind.

Darkroom Coordinator Emily Ryalls and Darkroom Technician Niamh Donnelly are both practicing professional photographers in their own right and are on hand to ensure a supported, friendly and enjoyable environment for all of our users – whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced artist.

We understand that darkrooms aren’t known for their accessibility and we want to change that. After consultation from The Disabled Photographers Society and Ilford Master Daniel T Wheeler, we’ve custom designed a darkroom which is a revolutionary advancement in contemporary community darkroom spaces, enabling a more inclusive network of photographers to take their practice to the next level.

Darkroom Facilities & Equipment

The Art House Darkroom is equipped for a range  of contemporary, alternative and traditional analogue processes.

Our facilities include:

  • An accessible darkroom, accommodating a full class of 5 wheelchair users with custom designed and built power control adjustable height enlarger bays 
  • Custom designed and built wheelchair accessible darkroom sink with an integrated archival wash. 
  • Print drying rack on adjustable pull rope
  • Wet-plate collodion facilities: (users are expected to bring their own chemistry)
  • Hot press (for pressing fibre-based prints)
  • Developing tanks, trays and darkroom essentials, including long arm focus finders
  • Large guillotine (A1 size)


A range of five enlargers to print from:

  •  LPL 7451 5×4 enlarger
  • LPL VCCE VC7700 6×7 enlarger
  • Durst M670 6×7 B&W enlarger
  • Durst M670 6×7 B&W enlarger
  • Leitz Focomat V35 Colour 35mm enlarger (autofocus) 


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