Lilah Benetti

16 September 2024 - 17 November 2024

Lilah Benetti is an Australian Artist and Filmmaker whose practice uses autoethnography – an exploration of written autobiographical and personal narratives to help share different cultures, communities, and personal journeys. They use this and examine the broader social and cultural histories, to explore the merging of gender, sexuality and racial dynamics.

Benetti’s work combines elements of reality and fiction to highlight lost and hidden  narratives within global Indigenous Black culture. 

Benetti draws on traditional and spiritual knowledge to understand contemporary perspectives, fostering resistance and free-form expression. They view the boundaries between still and moving images as fluid, employing various techniques and large-scale public installations to push the limits of these mediums.

Benetti will join Ronald Muchatuta at The Art House this autumn for their International residency in partnership with the International Royal Over-Seas League.
The artists will be given the time, mentoring and networking opportunities to develop their creative practices for the first time in the UK.

See more of Lilah Benetti’s practice here.

This project is supported by the Royal Over Seas League, a non-profit members’ club dedicated to championing international friendship and understanding.

Photography for PHOTO2024, courtesy of the artist