29 March 2023 - 02 April 2023

INTRO/SPECTIVE is an interim exhibition of work by students studying their BA (Hons) Photography degree at Leeds Arts University, who are showcasing the introductory stages of various photographic projects and providing an insight into ongoing experiments and working processes.

The title INTRO/SPECTIVE suggests a certain level of self-reflection and this is certainly part of the creative process. However, the title also consciously combines the words ‘introduction’ and ‘perspective’, conveying the intention of this exhibition. Each contemporary photographer is exploring concepts of their own choosing; themes they are motivated to explore through a desire to reveal their vision of the world through their photographic practice.

The exhibition is an introduction to these young photographers, who utilise an extensive range of dynamic and experimental approaches to photography,  through doing so exemplifies a broad range of perspectives. While the exhibition content includes various photographic specialisms, from fine art and contemporary practices to documentary and cultural investigations, it individually expresses the students’ own photographic voices while coherently sharing the experience of being at the early stages of their careers.

INTRO/SPECTIVE will launch during our March Artwalk, Wednesday 29 March, 17:00–20:00