Jessie Davies: Perspectives

04 March 2023 - 09 April 2023

Concerned with the UK’s fragile and threatened wetland environments, artist Jessie Davies uses acrylic and mixed media to encourage conversations around the impact of global climate change on these fragile ecologies.

Living with autism and multiple disabilities, including spending her life in a wheelchair, Davies’ access to and view of the rural environment is from a particular angle. By immersing herself in the reeds and foliage around Yorkshire, the artist spotlights her acute observation of overlooked and small details that nestle in the landscape.

Since February 2022, Davies has taken part in a year-long residency at The Art House, which has offered her time to reflect and move forward with her practice.

Although Davies is predominantly non-verbal, her artworks powerfully speak through her use of dynamic, bold and impressive textured techniques, which she has been able to build upon during her time at The Art House. This exciting new exhibition is the first major retrospective of the artist’s work and journey, presenting her largest and most ambitious work to date, which include extending her practice into printmaking, ceramics and photography – all mediums that the artist has been able to work with for the very first time.


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Photography: Emily Ryalls


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