Whiskey Chow curates: SOFT & HARD II

27 January 2024 - 16 March 2024

This Winter, The Art House welcomes Whiskey Chow, a London-based artist, Chinese drag king, and Tutor at Royal College of Art (RCA), who will bring together a group of artists exploring what ‘Queer spirit’ means in artistic practice today.

Living in different timelines of LGBTQ+ movements,
and constantly negotiating with complex power dynamics from intersectional and cross-cultural perspectives, Queer artists often invent new visual approaches to address their desires and concerns.

SOFT & HARD investigates how new generations of Queer artists create space for themselves and their community through art that goes beyond vanity, hypersexuality and gender performativity.

The collaborative project features recent RCA graduate artists Annette Warner, Elena Hoskyns-Abrahall, Emma Sheehy, Hongmin An, Jim Rampage, Leonie Cameron, Sean Synnuck, Sojung Park, Yuqing Lin, Candice Dehnavi, Maya Erin Masuda, Theresa Weber, Rose Arbuthnott alongside work by Chow.