Grace Clifford: Going Up in the World

27 July 2022 - 08 September 2022

Grace Clifford, born in Birmingham and now living in Yorkshire, is an artist working primarily in sculpture and installation. Clifford’s work explores and reflects on the everyday.

Clifford is led by intuition and lived experiences, and takes pride, often finding comfort in her Birmingham and Black Country upbringing. Her practice acknowledges the discomfort that class disparity can bring, and gives space for the viewer to address and question stereotypes around working-class experiences.

Going Up in the World is an exhibition of works in three different settings – The Art House foyer, the exterior of Wakefield’s legendary Pie Shop and The Black Rock, a traditional pub full of charm and quirks.

Using everyday objects as a starting point for her sculptures, Clifford reimagines these familiar items to help start conversations around who art is for, and challenge perceptions about what contemporary art can be.

Clifford pushes back on traditional academia and exhibition spaces. The familiarity of the objects and the informal nature of the spaces they are displayed in are carefully considered, breaking down barriers between artist and audience and creating space for stories and conversations.

Recently Grace Clifford was selected as Sunny Banks Mills one to watch, has exhibited at the Ikon, Wet Dove Tail. and New Art Gallery Walsall.


The exhibition has been supported by The Art House for Artwalk Wakefield and curated by Amy Lilley.


Header: Grace Clifford, Clam, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.
Sidebar: Grace Clifford, Yorkshire Tea, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.